Wood components

Certification and marking of products

ELE Forsa AB is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and FSC-STD-40-004. 

We aim for ongoing discussion with employees, customers, suppliers and authorities with a view to achieving a working method where the internal and external environmental impact meets regulatory requirements and customer expectations. ELE Forsa AB aims to comply with all applicable laws and other requirements to which the company subscribes.

Our environmental management system is responsible for coordination and management of all activities throughout the business that have an impact on the environment.

We aim to continuously work to ensure that the products we buy, manufacture and sell in the future can be re-used, recycled and ultimately disposed of with minimal use of resources and with no harmful environmental impact.

All transport to and from ELE Forsa AB must be planned and conducted as far as possible based on delivery reliability and economic and environmental considerations.
By means of continuous improvements we aim to minimize quantities of waste and any negative environmental effects caused by our activities.

ELE Forsa’s environmental work concerns everyone within the company and should be viewed as an ongoing improvement process, with every department being responsible for ensuring that our environmental policy is adhered to and developed.
Our environmental management system in Sweden is certified in accordance with the requirements of SS EN ISO 14001.
We aim to supply our customers with products and solutions of the highest quality, at the right price and with a high degree of delivery reliability. A dedicated approach and measurement and monitoring of our processes means we achieve constant improvement of our quality system.

ELE Forsa is certified in accordance with the requirements of SS EN ISO 9001 Heat treatment, marking of packaging timber as per ISPM 15.

More and more countries are demanding that wood packaging crossing national borders must be treated as per ISPM 15. This means that the timber must be heat-treated to 56 ºC at its core for at least 30 minutes. This treatment protects the timber from insect infestation.

The IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) has developed this standard, which many countries reference and are gradually incorporating into their national legislation.

ELE Forsa is licensed by the Swedish Board of Agriculture for marking as per ISPM 15. 

ELE Forsa holds a licence from the Swedish Board of Agriculture (SJV) authorizing us to mark our pallets with this stamp:
Heat treatment, marking of packaging timber as per ISPM 15.
SE-X708 is ELE Forsa’s licence number.

HT (Heat Treatment) involves heating the core of the timber to at least 56 ºC without drying for at least 30 minutes.

KD (Kiln Drying) is HT-treated timber that has also been dried to an average moisture content of 20 % or less.

DB (Debarking) is timber with the bark removed.
Please note that under the ISPM 15 standard HT and DB are compulsory, while KD is voluntary.

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