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Our operations

ELE has deep roots in Hälsingland and conducts its operations with a long-term and sustainable approach.

The business, which has its origins in the management of the legacy left by Ewald Larsson, comprises long-term and sustainable forestry, processing of timber products and production of packaging, pallets and other protective material.

ELE’s modern production facilities and the high level of expertise among its staff enable the timber from our forests to be processed into sawn timber used in a variety of sectors throughout the world. The size of the company allows us to be flexible, which increases scope for working closely with our customers on unique solutions. We can adjust our working method, products and solutions to ensure that our customers get exactly what they need and want.

ELE’s expertise and focus on a long-term approach mean we are happy to share our knowledge. This creates long-term customer relationships and good business, both for us and for our customers. The vast experience and expertise possessed by our employees is often instrumental in developing customers’ own products and solutions. This in turn results in greater efficiency and better profitability.


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