Welcome to Ewald Larssons Eftr.’s forests

Ewald Larssons Eftr.’s forests are managed by our own management company ELE Skog AB.

Our forest holdings are largely located in the province of Hälsingland and currently amount to 11,300 hectares, with active forestry operations on 9,300 hectares. The remaining area of 2,000 hectares is non-productive, includes nature conservation zones or is used for other purposes. Forestry work is carried out by expert forestry contractors. Felling takes place through sale of timber rights.

All our forest holdings are environmentally certified in accordance with both PEFC and FSC.

Certificatenumbers: PEFC 2008-SKM-PEFC-30 and FSC DNV-FM/COC 000066.

Logolicensnumber: FSC - CO20565

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Ulrika Eriksson

Managing director and sales
ELE Skog AB / Forest Manager

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