Our management

Sustainability and policies

Our objective is to strive for as high and sustained a return as possible without impinging on the environmental considerations expected by current laws and certification systems. We must take a long-term approach free from short-term interests. Felling must not exceed annual growth. We must also manage our historical legacy so that the forest can be a positive recreational resource and provide a good living environment and direct or indirect job opportunities for local residents.

Forest management policy

  • All our holdings must be documented in a computer-aided forest management plan that is regularly and meticulously updated.
  • The specifications of the forest management plan will form the basis for yield determination and forestry planning.
  • To strive for uniform age distribution with an average growing stock of at least 130 forest cubic metres/hectare.
  • The distribution of species should be determined based on the natural land conditions.
  • It is necessary to combat the spread of root rot fungus with most forms of felling by felling in winter or by means of stump treatment.
  • Forest management will be undertaken by the company using certified forestry contractors.

Environmental policy

  • Forestry operations must be conducted in such a way as to allow naturally occurring plants and animals to survive under natural conditions.
  • Threatened species and habitats must be protected.
  • Prior to any large-scale forestry operations, a natural value assessment will be conducted.
  • The precautionary principle and sound knowledge must always be applied when harvesting for fuel, fertilising, treating plants and planting foreign species.
  • Cultural relics must be preserved and protected in all forestry operations and documented in the specific forest management plan.
  • Forestry operations must comply with applicable laws and regulations, the principles and criteria of PEFC and FSC, as well as standards for Swedish forestry. The forest manager is the contact person for any queries regarding forestry operations, the environment or certification.


  • ELE Skog’s forest manager is responsible for documentation of the plan.
  • Key habitats and natural values on ELE’s land are documented in the specific forest management plan and under “Skogens Pärlor” on the Swedish Forest Agency’s website.
  • All our forest holdings are environmentally certified in accordance with both PEFC and FSC. Certificatenumbers PEFC 2008-SKM-PEFC-30 and FSC DNV-FM/COC 000066. Logolicensnumber: FSC - CO20565.
  • All comments received about our forestry are processed and archived.

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