Packing valuable, bulky or fragile items requires a great deal of expertise. Let our experts take care of it for you!

Packing can be a critical stage in transporting goods. So it can be reassuring to know that it is being done properly. We have extensive experience of packing goods for customers, both at our own premises and on site at customers’ premises. Packing is often done in conjunction with delivering flat packs for larger products. We also ensure appropriate packing with the necessary protection, such as anti-corrosion plastic and securing of loads. Such assignments often result in a number of improvements to packaging when our designers and technicians have chance to participate in the process from start to finish.

We deliver certain products as flat packs for simple assembly when packing.

  • VCI plastic for corrosion protection
  • Impact and vibration-dampening fittings
  • Delivery as flat packs for assembly on site
  • Sealed boxes or crate-type boxes with gaps between boards
  • Securing of loads

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